Oh my gosh he's six

>> Thursday, August 23, 2007

I have to start off by saying I can't believe my baby is six years old! Where did the time go? I know everyone says time flies but really, I mean this is ridiculous!
He's going to be a first grader. What happened to kindergarten? What happened to Barney and Teletubbies (not that I was to fond of them myself).
But now its super heroes and tomorrow it will be ...I have no idea what it will be (geez I feel so old).
At least its Spiderman for now and i can still make him a fun cake. At his request I made him a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting that was tinted red. he decided he really didn't like the frosting and that maybe next year he will try chocolate! Oy!
Anyway- i was happy with the cake. Anytime I can decorate a cake (especially if it's for one of my boys) I am happy!

So also at his request he wanted to have lobster for dinner. Yes, Caleb has a very mature pallet. I'm afraid he takes after me when it comes to food. Another of his top choices is fried calamari and any kind of sushi he can get his hands on. I thought I was safe to order an eel roll the last time we went out for sushi and I would be able to have it all to myself. But Caleb tried it and liked it and proceeded to eat most of the roll. He just loves it. So anyway, Caleb had his lobster and the rest of us had hot dogs and mac and cheese.

Happy Birthday my baby boy!


The Search For the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie...

>> Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let me start out by saying these aren't them, so don't get to excited!
Seems I'm always trying different cookie recipes to try and come up with the very best. Especially when it comes to chocolate chip Cookies, they seem to be the cookie of choice in my house. I like a soft and chewy middle while still being crisp around the edges.

So, Do I use butter? Or margarine? or shortening? A combination? I'm determined to find out!
Well yesterday I used the old stand by Toll House Cookie recipe and substituted half the butter for margarine. Now the flavor was pretty good (although not as good if I would have used all butter) but the consistency was off. I liked the chewy texture, but they were much to thin for my taste. I like a cookie I can sink my teeth into, with lots of chunks of chocolaty goodness and lots of beautiful texture. Well like i said earlier, these aren't them.

So I guess next I will try and use all butter and perhaps not cream the butter and sugar for quite so long ( I think I did these for about three minutes or more). And maybe I will try mixing in some oatmeal to give the cookie a bit more body. And then maybe I will be able to answer my next question: with nuts or without?

Oh, and I put M&m's in these as you can see because they are Abes favorite. A nice touch I have to admit!


Something to show to my kids someday...

>> Monday, August 20, 2007

So I finally did it. I finally created my very own blog. What inspired me to do this you ask?
Over the past couple of weeks I have discovered all the wonderful food blogs that are out there, they are amazing! Which got me thinking. Could I actually do that? Could I create a blog to document my love of food, my love of creating, my love of my family? Well I'm going to give it a shot! And even if nobody else reads it at least I will have something to show to my kids someday.


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